Having a rough day? Need a little lift? I've got just the thing for you. Great Big Story just dropped this fantastic video, a 10-minute short made up of previously published videos edited into one cohesive package. In each short vignette you learn the hows and whys of a specific person or group, what they ride, and why they do it. It's fun and heartwarming and the music is pretty great. Let's dig in and see what we have, shall we?

The video starts with a short profile of Kerri Cameron, a wall of death rider with Luke Fox's Original Wall of Death out of the UK. She talks a little about how she got into WoD riding, her experiences as a woman stunt rider, and just how grueling riding the WoD can be. There's some great footage of her and her teammates riding and a sprinkling of carnival barker goodness added for flavor.

The second vignette features everyone's favorite Gallic madman and known Citroen lover Emile Leray. Back in the early 90s, Leray got stranded way out in the Moroccan desert after the 2CV he was off-roading through the wastelands hit a rock and broke an axle. Instead of just giving up and dying a million miles from nowhere, Leray cut up his Citroen, built an ersatz motorcycle out of it, and drove it out of the desert. He survived, but only just, and for his efforts the Moroccan police slapped him with an outrageous fine because his vehicle didn't conform to the 2CV's known configuration.

Third up is a feature on NOLA's finest, the Caramel Curves. This group of hard-riding, hard-partying, sequin-wearing women from New Orleans organized their own motorcycle club because, according to one of the founders, "There's nothing sexier than a woman riding a motorcycle". She's not wrong. You get a peek at who the Curves are and why they ride and footage of some killer burnouts.

Last but not least is a little story about the Sirens Motorcycle Club out of New York. This all-woman club runs mercy missions through crowded New York streets delivering pasteurized breast milk to babies in need. I'll be real honest here, I teared up a little at this one. Especially when the mom at the end tears up about the Sirens helping keep her baby alive.

So, yeah. Check out this video, friends. Spend a little time over lunch getting to know some other riders around the world and feel good about our hobby.

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