Some of the most impressive competitions in the world happen on two wheels. Think Isle of Man TT, MotoGP, Dakar, etc. Some of the silliest stuff also happens on two wheels. While it looks like a pretty serious discipline, minibike racing is one funny sight to behold. Especially when you watch the crashes.

The Minibike World Championship is actually a thing. Watching these tiny 50 and 65-cc bike the size of beagles buzz their way around a track is one hilarious event to witness. Granted, these kids aged as young as 6 years old are seriously competing for a title and we have the utter most respect for that, but it’s hard to retain a smile watching them go. Admittedly, the minuscule bikes are the perfect size for the youngest competitors; they pretty much only look like tiny shrunk down Marc Marquez. The teens and adults, however, give out more of a Russian circus bear on a tricycle kind of vibe to the sound of a swarm of really tiny bees.

Obviously, crashing is no laughing matter, especially not on a bike. But considering minibike racers don’t really get hurt, watching riders big and small slide off the pocket-sized bikes at top speeds of 15 mph (though a lot of the slides happen at a much lower speed, in the corners), almost as if in slow motion, is actually pretty entertaining.

The fact that the announcers are so involved and get excited the same way sports commentators yell when the Manchester United scores a goal adds to the overall comical aspect of the competition. Especially in an all-crash compilation. While we don't wish for anybody to crash, we have to admit that of all the possible competition-related incidents, these ones have to be the funniest.

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