When I visited the New York International Motorcycle Show in December I was quite impressed by how much effort the show put into recruiting new riders. Harley-Davidson demonstrated how to pick up a dropped bike, something that every new rider will have to deal with at some point. IMS itself provided a complete new rider experience in Discover the Ride, which enabled would-be riders to try a speed-restricted Zero electric motorcycle under the guidance of helpful instructors, among other activities. IMS has now launched New To 2, a companion website and video series designed to tie in with the experience at the show and continue to provide useful information to new riders continuing to explore the sport.

New To 2 features veteran riders Monique Filips and Jordan Diggs presenting short videos on a wide variety of subjects that should interest new riders. Some describe the characteristics of specific types of bikes, such as cruisers and sportbikes. Others explain various riding techniques, like dirt riding or moving up to a larger motorcycle. Some talk about riding gear, why it's important, and the basics about helmets, gloves, and boots.

It's all pretty basic to those of us who have been riding for a long time, but none of us are born knowing this stuff. It's great to have a video series to refer to and learn more about topics of interest, particularly when it's easy to find by being tied to the biggest motorcycle show in the country. New To 2 will be a significant part of the remaining IMS events this season, with live presentations at the shows mirroring much of what is covered in the videos. If, like me, your memory's not so hot, you can refer to the videos after the show to refresh yourself on what you learned.

Learning to ride a motorcycle can feel like drinking from a fire hose at first. There's a huge amount of new information and experience, far more than you can take in with one small gulp. New To 2 should help participants retain more of what they learn and stay connected to the show once it's left for the year. This season's IMS schedule still has shows in Minneapolis, Washington D.C., and Chicago before it wraps up.


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