It’s almost here! Next week, Triumph will unveil its new Scrambler 1200 with what will probably be much pomp and circumstance considering the hype the brand has created around its new model. In this video, Triumph is giving us a hint at just how versatile the new Scrambler will be.

We expect it: not only has Triumph announced that it is putting its Scrambler 900 on the evolutionary fast track, but the company also made the promise that the model will become more capable than ever. The scrambler heritage is one of dust and gravel, not exactly the type of terrain that would have matched the Scrambler 900’s personality—even less so the Street Scrambler’s. Not that Triumph can’t do a proper scrambler model: the company was one of the leaders in off-roading in the 60s.

That’s about to change and this fifth teaser (possibly the last), focuses on advertising the model’s capability. With the 1200, Triumph will give the name Scrambler back its off-road legacy with the promise of “never-before-seen levels of dual-purpose capability” and this is what the teaser is meant to showcase. The bike can be seen, either from far enough not to make out the details or hidden in a cloud of dust, “scrambling” both on and off the road.

According to what we have seen so far of the bike, we can expect a classic Triumph silhouette with a straight handlebar, flat saddle, and high-set dual exhaust pipe—similar to the Street Scrambler’s. The biggest indication that future owners won’t have to shy away from a little off-roading are probably the knobby tires and skid plate, which are off-roading must-haves.

We’ll get the full rundown of just how capable the new Triumph Scrambler 1200 will be on October 24, date at which the model is set to launch. The countdown is on.


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