Triumph definitely nailed the ‘teaser’ part of their 10-second video for the ‘modern vintage’ 2019 Scrambler  1200. If that almost-flash of fun was all we had, it’d be difficult to tell if this latest sassy set-up might have the goods to deliver. Thankfully a little extra information about what Triumph is hailing as the “new riding revolution” was leaked this past spring.

From the “spy” footage circulated earlier this year, the 1200 appears to be more dual sport than its predecessor, the upstart Scrambler 900. It looks to be taking on more off-road capability, while keeping many of the features that have made Triumph 2.0 bikes more road-worthy.

The current Triumph Scrambler.

Up until now, what manufacturers—including Triumph—have offered riders are road bikes dressed-up as sexy Scramblers. Yes, you can take them off the road, but since they tend to cost a LOT extra and aren’t really meant to handle much more than loose gravel, you’d still be best to switch over to a real dual-sport or dirt bike. The new 1200 looks different.

It looks different because, in the company's words, Triumph is redefining the genre.

“The Scrambler 1200 marks the birth of a stunning new motorcycle generation," said Triumph in a recent communiqué. "With never-before-seen levels of dual-purpose capability, this incredible full-on scrambler is as truly amazing off-road as it is on the road, doing everything an adventure bike can, and all with authentic scrambler style and attitude.”

Judging from sneak-peals and teaser, Triumph really may be releasing a “genuine game-changer” on October 24, 2018, which means you may want to start saving now, since it’s also likely to have quite a “life altering” price tag.

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