Riders looking to combine their passion for off-roading with their love of a vintage look now have a solid contender to consider that checks off all the boxes. The all-new Triumph Scrambler 1200 nicely fits the bill and it was about time the brand tackled the matter of the unbeaten paths. Granted, the Tiger has been the more versatile Triumph model for close to a decade, however, considering Triumph’s retro gimmick, a proper scrambler was lacking. After countless teasers that paved the way to the October 2018 launch, we finally got to set eyes on the newest family member—the real scrambler deal according to the company. So does it meet expectations? Let’s have a look at everything we know about the new 2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200.

While Triumph advertises the new Scrambler as an off-roader, what we’re actually looking at is more of a naked adventure bike, meant to be versatile on and off the tarmac. The goal of the Scrambler isn’t to tackle the kind of obstacles a CRF or YZ can comfortably face but rather to keep riding ahead with confidence where the road ends.

Running the Scrambler Show is a modified version of the Bonneville T120 1200cc parallel twin mill rated at 89 horsepower and 81 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mounted at the core of a tubular steel frame with aluminum cradle—a new, dedicated chassis designed specifically for the Scrambler. Weighing in at 452lb, this positions the Scrambler in the lower weight tier as far as adventure bikes go—a good thing if you plan to whip it around in gravel and sand.

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Support at the front is provided by an adjustable Showa inverted fork with 200mm of travel while at the back, the double-sided aluminum swingarm is paired with a set of Öhlins shocks with piggy back reservoirs. The 21-inch front spoke wheel is fitted with two 320mm Brembo discs pinched by four-piston Brembo calipers. At the back, the 17-inch wheels receives it stopping power from a 255mm disc with a two-piston floating Brembo caliper.

The model is offered in two variations: the less scrambler-y and the more scrambler-y. The Scrambler 1200 XC is the entry-level version and is slightly more road-oriented. Triumph pushes the adventure/off-road envelope with the XE which receives a few additional trail-friendly components including a longer swingarm, a 47-mm fork with 250mm travel and a higher rake angle, a wider handlebar, higher seat and ground clearance, heated grips, optimized cornering ABS, an additional Off-Road Pro riding mode, optimized cornering traction control, an advanced Inertial Measurement Unit that drives all the fancy rider aids, and more. The differences in silhouette and measurements creates a slightly altered riding geometry, meant to be more off-road friendly.

Both models are equipped with Triumph’s new TFT digital cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, riding mode selector as well as the world’s first GoPro control system. The 2019 Triumph 1200 XC is priced at a hefty $14,000 while the XE comes in at $15,400. Early reports on the new Scrambler 1200 suggest Triumph hit the mark with its new model. Now, we’re really looking forward to taking it out for a spin around the block and around the rock.

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