Take that Tesla Supercharger! While most electric vehicles currently on the market will regain roughly 80 percent of their charge within 30 minutes or so with the help of a supercharger—which not every electric vehicle is compatible with—Gaius Auto has just upped the ante with an 80 percent charge in only 15 minutes.


Taiwanese manufacturer Gaius Automobile has introduced a commercial three-wheeler at the Paris Motorshow, the Rapide 3. The vehicle is a versatile, compact, electric cargo e-bike ideal for developing markets where flexibility is key. The e-bike can carry a payload of up to 440 pounds or up to three people if adapted to carry passengers.

The cargo deck at the back of the vehicle is easy to load thanks to a convenient tailgate. Beware: this isn’t a conventional trike. The front section of the Rapide 3 actually tilts in the bends while the cargo area mounted on two-wheels remains at level.

Gaius Rapide3

A practical color display mounted on the handlebar shares information such as battery charge, speed, and riding modes. The system has WiFi and Bluetooth which allows it to be connected to a smartphone using the proprietary app where the owner will find all the vehicle’s specs and data such as battery charge, tire pressure, and motor temperature.

The Rapide 3 is powered by a lithium titanate battery located under the rider’s seat which produces an output of 24 horsepower and allows the bike to reach a top speed of almost 60 miles per hour. It is also fast-charging enabled which means that using the proper equipment, the Rapide 3 will regain 80 percent of its charge in a quick 15 minute wait—just enough time to grab a coffee and a muffin for the road.

The lithium titanate battery is what makes the rapid-charging possible, but it’s also a very expensive technology. For that reason, Gaius will sell the vehicle but lease the battery, which will help make the Rapide 3 more affordable at roughly $12,600 USD.

While the electrical components are engineered in Paris, France, the mechanical components are actually coming from this side of the pond: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That being said, there is no say whether the Gaius Rapide 3 will be offered in the US.


Source: Gaius Automobile


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