Not all heroes wear capes

Being a motorcycle rider is being part of a big, extended, global family. Wherever you show up carrying a helmet, you’ll find companionship. You also know that any stranger on two wheels will (usually) have your back. Sometimes, though, it’s the strangers on four wheels who cover our butts. In a video that surfaced earlier in September, we get yet another proof that not all car drivers are completely oblivious to the presence of motorcycles on the road and that they will even intervene when things go south.

Making the world a little better

The recording is dated from August 17, 2018. A dashcam captures the image of a motorcycle zipping its way on a busy highway. As the rider pulls away, it’s unclear what happens. A car in the left lane seems to initiate a lane change or swerve slightly to the right. Whatever the case, the rider ends up laying the bike and sliding off of it. The car at the front hit the motorcycle.

As the event unfolds, white Audi steers right in front of the car fitted with the dashcam, across the lane, as if to protect the rider from oncoming traffic. The maneuver is risky and could have resulted in a crash, yet the driver’s quick reaction protected the vulnerable rider from speeding vehicles.

We don’t know how the story ended as the videos cuts short once the Audi stops across the highway. We don’t know what happens next, whether the driver of the Audi sacrificed his car or if the other drivers stopped in time. We can see the rider standing at the end of the video, which leads us to suppose he thankfully didn’t get badly hurt in the incident.

Though nobody wants to crash ever, whether in a car or on a bike, there’s something comforting in knowing that if something bad does happen, chances are someone will be there to help. Faith in humanity on the mend!

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