Not all drivers want to kill bikers; not all bikers are jerks

Don’t you wish you could sometimes talk with the driver who just cut you off or that you had to avoid because you were going too fast? Chances are that if a near miss is stressful for you, if the driver noticed you at all, he’ll be stressed out too. Granted, in most cases, it’s best we don’t because our first reaction is usually to call the other person involved a moron (or whatever other, more colorful insult we can come up with), even when we’re the ones who screwed up. Sometimes, however, just sometimes, we’d like to be able to apologize and I’m pretty sure they would too. That’s what happened to two guys in Minnesota whose near-crash was captured on video as well as the discussion that ensued. 

The camera is set up on the motorcyclist’s helmet and we can watch him zip his way down a residential street. As he pulls up at a three-way intersection where he has precedence, the blue SUV at the stop sign decides to go for it and pulls up right in front of the rider. A few seconds earlier and this story would have had a very different ending. Luckily, the motorcyclist manages to avoid the vehicle and ride around it.

Both the rider and the driver of the SUV seem a little shaken by the occurrence. The driver is seen stopping on the side of the street after completing his turn while the rider slows down and does a 180 to meet up with him as the driver walks up to him. At this point, there are 100 possible scenarios that could happen. They could yell at each other, throw insults that would make Betty White blush, and even throw punches. Adrenaline works in mysterious ways.

Instead, the best possible scenario unfolds in which nobody gets hurt and the two people involved get to shake hands. Ensues the most civil, calm, and polite discussion there is in which the driver flat out admits he didn’t see the bike coming while the rider acknowledges he was going too fast. Just like that, the two guys got to chill out for a minute, take a breather, and apologize for what happened. You’d almost think they’re Canadians.

Sometimes, just sometimes, talking with the other person can be worth it. All’s well that ends well.

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