Can-Am just announced a new addition to its Can-Am On-Road vehicle lineup—the Ryker. Not to be confused with the tallest, handsomest, and best executive officer to ever come out of Starfleet Academy, the new Ryker is billed as a less-expensive, more accessible three-wheeler for the man or woman who craves adventure.


In an apparent move to capture the elusive "youth" market, BRP has made the Ryker as friendly and unintimidating as possible. It features a constant-velocity transmission for those more at home with slushboxes than crashboxes (yes, we know, manuals aren't technically crashboxes anymore. Just go with it), easily adjustable handlebars and foot pegs, Can-Am's stable Y-architecture, and a Vehicle Stability System to keep the rubber side down. Power comes from Rotax mills—a 600cc twin or a 900cc triple—and it's transmitted to the rear wheel by a sturdy shaft drive.

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The most important thing Can-Am wants you to know about the new Ryker is that it's extremely modular. Apparently there are over 75,000 different ways the new vehicle can be customized with the new line of Ryker accessories. All accessories are designed to be swapped out easily by people with the meanest mechanical skills, and the line includes both cosmetic and functional bits—form and function!

Along with all that, there's a Ryker Rally Edition for those riders who want a little more adventure in their lives than a quick jaunt down to the store can offer. The Rally is loaded with features to increase performance and survivability off-road, and comes with a special Rally Mode that allows riders to really hang the tail out on dirt and gravel. 

So, will it work? Will the Ryker attract The Youths with its flashy colors and friendly accessibility? It remains to be seen, but hey, it's big brother Spyder is pretty popular so why wouldn't the Ryker be just as popular. Make it so, Number One. Make it so.

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Built to disrupt, the Can-Am Ryker is…

  • Accessible: starting as low as $8,499 USD and easy to ride with twist-and-go technology
  • Fun: innovative, confidence-inspiring ride without compromise
  • Customizable: over 75k ways to personalize, including many snap-on/snap-off accessories

BRP is disrupting the three-wheel vehicle category with the introduction of an all-new Can-Am Ryker model. Built to be accessible, fun and customizable, the Can-Am Ryker is the perfect choice for men and women who crave incredible adventures, including those who have yet to discover the joy of riding the open road.

The Can-Am Ryker is an entirely new model in the Can-Am On-Road vehicle lineup, which now includes both the Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder model families. The Can-Am Ryker is designed to bring the on-road experience to as many people possible by shattering the accessibility barrier with ease of riding and low purchase price.

“Our research has shown that thousands more people around the world would be willing to consider riding on three wheels if it were more affordable,” said Josée Perreault, Senior VicePresident, Can-Am On-Road at BRP. “The Can-Am Ryker tackles that barrier head-on with no compromises – it’s highly sophisticated and has a long list of innovative features and technology…plus it looks great and is a hell of a lot of fun to ride!”

The Can-Am Ryker is available with two renowned engine options: a two-cylinder Rotax 600 ACE or a three-cylinder Rotax 900 ACE. It also has a durable driveshaft that requires no adjustment, alignment or maintenance, lowering ownership costs. And riders will enjoy adjustable handlebars and foot pegs which can be moved to fit different riders in seconds with no added tools or parts.

The Can-Am Ryker is arguably the easiest-to-ride 3-wheel vehicle ever created. It has an automatic transmission so riders don’t need to change gears – the very definition of twist and go. It also features Can-Am’s Y-architecture, with two wheels in front and one in the rear for superior stability and stopping power, along with a Vehicle Stability System. The ride itself is incredibly fun, with superb responsiveness and a low center of gravity that connects people to the road.

“People think there’s something hidden or a trick to the Ryker purchase price, but there’s not,” said Perreault. “It’s simply an incredible value, which is critical in our effort to open a new market. A portion of that will be younger riders who want a great-looking ride and individual style.”

More Than 75,000 Ways to Customize

There are more than 75,000 ways to customize the Can-Am Ryker with unique accessories, all designed to easily swap out. There are also functional accessories for riding solo or two-up, increased storage and more. All accessories are priced in line with the vehicle to be affordable.

“The Can-Am Ryker enhances the riding experience, but there’s also a superior shopping experience,” said Perreault. “We created a Can-Am Ryker app that leverages augmented reality. It’s a first for BRP and it’s completely awesome. People can customize their ride and then see it in front of them in an immersive and up-close way.”

With the introduction of the Can-Am Ryker and as demand increases for all Can-Am On-Road vehicles, BRP is expanding its popular Rider Education Program (REP). The program partners with rider training facilities to provide classes on Can-Am 3-Wheel Vehicles. More than 10,000 people will have completed the Can-Am REP by the end of 2018, half of whom are female.

Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition for Unpaved Roads

For people who want to enjoy paved roads, but also unleash the fun off the beaten path, there is a versatile Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition. The Rally Edition has added features that make it tough and capable, while also giving people confidence to conquer unpaved roads. This includes Rally Mode, which allows riders to let loose and perform drifts on gravel or dirt while staying in control. Whether someone falls in love with the accessible, fun and customizable Can-Am Ryker or dreams of exploring the open road on a Can-Am Spyder, BRP now has them covered. Go to to find out more

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