I'm getting a bit sick of events telling me I can't come because my bike isn't the right age, or didn't come from the right country or this or that or the other. I don't fit in a neat, little pigeon hole and the people I like spending time with don't either. Dirt Quake is a race event in a big city, in the heart of the English Midlands. It's been put together with the spirit of  'It's not what you ride, it's how you ride it'.

'It's not what you ride, it's how you ride it' (INWYR, IHYRI) is the opposite of all these exclusion tactics. INWTY IHYRI is what the Sideburn race classes at Dirt Quake are about. Whatever bike you have, there is a class for you on that day - Street trackers and street scramblers have a class; other road bikes have their own - the Inappropriate Road Bike class; choppers have another and racebikes go in the Short Track UK Novice classes. We want people involved.

Our last event - Rollerburn, fused a motorcycle custom show, bands, comedian, vendors, a full roller derby match, slalom skateboarding, art show and the spectacle of Guy Martin towing a rollergirl at terminal velocity in the Rollerball Drag Race. We also have bands, DJS and vendors. 

Dirt Quake is to be held at Coventry Speedway circuit and features a full UK short track meet, plus Vintage Speeday racing and stunt riding from Icon's top man in Europe, GuyGuy. But the twist is the run what you brung road bike dirt track classes and the Chopper Speedway racing. 

Date: Saturday 19 May

Location: Coventry Speedway Stadium, Coventry, UK

Web: Sideburn

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