You’ve got exactly $12,995 to spend on a new motorcycle and you’re determined that it be a Ducati. Should you buy an 848 Evo or a Streetfighter 848? Pricing on that naked bike has just been released and its identical to its faired sibling despite making less power, less torque and coming with cheaper suspension and brakes. In fact, the only advantage the Streetfighter holds over that 848 is standard traction control. So, is it worth the money?

Update: video.

The 848 Evo is an outstanding supersport motorcycle. In addition to boasting a superior power-to-weight ratio to a 999R, it comes equipped with:

43mm, USD, fully-adjustable Showa forks.

Fully-adjustable Showa Monoshock.

Brembo Monobloc brake calipers.



Ducati has saved costs on the Streetfigher 848 by fitting it with lower-spec suspension and brakes:

43mm, USD, fully-adjustable Marzocchi forks (from the Monster 1100 Evo)

Fully-adjustable Sachs Monoshock

4-piston, radial Brembo brake calipers



Not privy to the prices Ducati pays its suppliers for parts, we’d struggle to price out the savings of the Streetfighter’s inferior spec. But, if you were shopping as an Average Joe, the 848’s Monobloc calipers would set you back around $1,600. The Streetfighter’s? Only $300 or so. Make no mistake, the Streetfighter comes with appreciably cheaper components.

Having ridden both 848s and the larger Streetfighter, we can also report that the naked bike’s ergonomics don’t follow the traditional recipe of increased comfort, instead sacrificing both that and the faired-bike's optimal track riding position.

We’re constantly told that we’re assholes for stating obvious truths, so we’ll avoid drawing a conclusion on this one. Let’s let you do that instead. Would you be happy paying an identical price for a bike with inferior specification?

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