Near elbow down on The Snake. 3,000 miles on a Honda Goldwing. Alone in Death Valley on a 636lbs motorcycle. Through water, in town, in the cold, in the hot desert. “Looks like moderately armored Prada,” according to our buddy Alan. Now you too can dress like two-thirds of the HFL staff; Aerostich is adding a version of the Roadcrafter allegedly inspired by Sean’s custom suit to its catalog. The Aerostich Stealth Roadcrafter is black on black on black with a black logo.

Alan’s comment sums up the reason why you likely don’t own a Roadcrafter already. Essentially the perfect suit for any type of riding, it’s weighed down by an image that’s more fat and old than stylish and young. Our photos and the RideApart episodes were the first time Alan had ever seen one look good.

The thing with the Roadcrafter is that you could have been reaping its benefits all along. Every suit is available as a custom order, not only tailored to your measurements, but available with options like forward-rotated sleeves and patches for knee pucks, both of which facilitate the kind of sport riding you see here.

A bit skeptical due to the whole fat old man thing, I’ve been borrowing the Roadcrafter while Sean is injured. It’s totally won me over. I’ve worn it through all night rides with temps in the 30s to 90 degrees + in Death Valley and everything in between. It’s comfy, incredibly safe, works in any weather or temperature and is crazy easy to take on and off. In all black and tailored to our svelte dimensions, it looks damn good too. Don’t fool yourself, there is no alternative. If you can’t afford one, start saving. The Roadcrafter will make your riding safer, more comfortable and more convenient. Just remember that we did the all-black thing first.

Go Aerostich, go black

Want one like Sean’s? His has a forward rotated torso ($60, and only available on new suits), forward rotated arms ($85, also only available on new suits), knee pucks ($60 for the velcro, plus $49 for A&G leather pucks), TF4 chest protector ($75, doubles as extra insulation from the wind), competition back protector ($120, velcros in place, use the strap to keep the suit roled up when you get where you’re going) and stealthy black on black colors.

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