The wraps just came off the 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 at EICMA, fully revealing its controversial new styling.

The Kawasaki Z1000 looks exactly the same as the previously leaked images we brought to you late last week. We assume the engine is based off the new 1,043 cc inline-four used in the new Kawasaki Ninja 1000, but probably with slightly different gearing and possibly different fuel maps. There, it produces 140 bhp.

The chassis receives upgrades as well, the biggest being new separate function Showa Big Piston Forks up front which actually each have different tasks (the right handles compression and rebound damping while the left handles preload adjustment).

The ABS pump has also been updated and, when paired with the one-piece radial mounted, four-piston front brake calipers, should do a great job of slowing this bike down. The wheels have also been re-worked and come in at 3.3 pounds lighter, which will help a great deal with unsprung weight.

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The 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 will be released in both Golden Blazed Green or Metallic Graphite Gray and will retail for $11,999.

UPDATE: We tracked down the latest news on the official specs:

The new 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 makes 140 hp at 10,000 rpm and 81 lb.-ft. of torque at 7,300 rpm, compared to the 136 hp and 81 lb.-ft. of torque the 2013 model produced.

Weight is up 6 pounds, at 487 pounds, over the 2013 model which may be due to the 0.4 gallon increase in fuel tank size. ABS is stock on the 2014, though was available as an option previously.

We had hoped to see traction control and variable riding modes, but both seem to be missing from the spec sheet. Looks like we'll have to wait another year.

It's interesting to note that the new 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 is the same price, and makes the same power and torque, as the new Ninja 1000 even though the Ninja includes traction control. We can assume the engine profiles are different and that this Z1000 will make more power lower, but the two bikes really aren't all that different and seem to be two slightly different flavors of the same thing.

Kawasaki press materials refer to this new Z1000 as "sugomi," which, when translated, means "weirdness, ghastliness, dreadfulness, awesomeness." Which of these four meanings do you think is most accurate?

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