Why We Ride is a new independent documentary film that explores exactly what the title says. It will be opening soon in various cities around the country, and this is something we should all be excited about.

This is not a “biker” film. In fact, it seems to dispense with the whole biker costume drama and focuses on trying to capture the real experience of riding. That alone differentiates Why We Ride from other motorcycle films, which tend to build their premise around the otherness of bikers as a subversive subculture. Even classics like The Wild One and Easy Rider work to propagate subversion because of the cultural tension between the bikers and square society.

Instead, Why We Ride promises to show a common, relatable human experience. Rather than stereotypes, this film uses real stories and terrific images to create a three-dimensional portrait of the characters and machines that make up riding culture. Riders sometimes say, “If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand,” and this film aims to take us along, take us inside, rather than over-explain.

People have already started to compare Why We Ride to the beloved 1971 documentary On Any Sunday. What make this film different though, and more important, is that it attempts to cover the totality of the riding experience, from Sturgis to the race track to dirtbikes. This reflects a view of unity among riders that should be promoted. There is more that unites than divides us, and we gain more by sharing experiences than denigrating those who ride different style bikes in different contexts. Riding is about living fully and passionately, and that is something everyone with a bike can understand.

Focusing on the experience and the camaraderie, rather than venerating a hollow outlaw-biker image, is exactly what we need. New riders, and young riders will be drawn into this wonderful madness and away from their iThings by an engaging, thrilling personal experience that cannot be simulated. They won’t be drawn in by outdated quasi-outlaw fantasies.

While the film will show history and heritage, viewers will see that riding is something awesome that is alive and happening now. You can go and learn to do it right now. Riding embraces all types. You don’t have to fit a mold – this is a ticket out of a mold.

Take some friends and see this film. Bring some non-riding friends; you may convert them. Just be sure to get your tickets soon, as they are selling out fast.

After the opening, we’ll circle back with an update so you can share your thoughts on Why We Ride in the comments section.

Anyone want to ride to the LA showing with us? Get your tickets here.

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