The coming weeks will see the launch of, a major new consumer portal for motorcycles. With the launch, Hell For Leather will now be part of a larger business, a larger site and a larger world. That means change. Here’s what those changes mean for you.

What’s going to be like?

We want to make the motorcycle shopping experience work in the same way you shop for cars or clothes or gadgets, but we also know motorcycles aren’t cars or clothes or gadgets. gets thrown around a lot as a metaphor, but while we’re going to be bringing a lot of shopping tools like that to motorcycles for the first time, we know we’re dealing with bikers shopping for life partners, not transportation appliances. Hopefully we’ll be able to help you make smarter decisions, save you some money and just help you enjoy the two-wheeled life a little more.

Is Hell For Leather going away?

No. The adventures, insight and storytelling that HFL is known for will continue to grow and improve and will still live on HFL, just now within

Will Hell For Leather’s voice change?

I hope so. One of the most exciting things about all this, for me at least, is that we’re adding new voices and new outlooks to what’s too often been a bit of a one-man band. I like reading what people like Sean, Daniel, Carter, Michael, Jen and all the other guys and gals write much more than I like writing it myself. But no, we’re not suddenly going to become some dry press release clearing house. Both RideApart and HFL are about you, the new generation of motorcyclist, and we think you’ll love what we’ve got cooking.

Knock it off. You like what we do now, so you want us to expand it, right? HFL was created to help communicate what makes motorcycles exciting to a new generation. RideApart is the next step.

When’s the show back?

We’re taking this season off and finding it a new, larger home.

So what’s changing?

There will be more content created by more people about a wider range of topics. We’ll be creating much more content around product reviews (both bikes and gear), helping you keep the bike you already own on the road and help you save some money. You’ll be able to shop smarter through RideApart.

This first Beta iteration of RideApart will help you compare new bikes through the specs and reviews that actually mean something to you, then help you figure out the cost of ownership and get the best deals on finance and insurance. All while keeping you informed and entertained. You’re welcome.

I want a new bike, which one should I get?

We’ll be able to help you with that in, oh, about two weeks.

What do you want to see on

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