Our show is part of the DRIVE channel, a mainstream lifestyle outlet targeting young people that are into cars. Having a bike show on a car channel gives us a unique opportunity to sell motorcycling to non-riders. I think we've done a good job doing that by showcasing the performance, lifestyle and adventure that two wheels makes possible, so now it's time to make a case for motorcycles as everyday transportation. Doing so means one thing: lane splitting. Here's how and why riding between lanes is the best thing ever.

Gear: Jamie

Helmet: Arai XD4 ($540)

Jacket: Alpinestars Atem ($700)

Gloves: Alpinestars SP-X ($100)

Gear: Wes

Helmet: Bell Star Carbon ($700) / Icon Airmada Stack ($260)

Suit: Aerostich Roadcrafter Stealth ($1,000)

Gloves: Icon Overlord Long ($150)

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