"Upon wrapping The Raiden Files, Triumph had seen what we were able to do with nearly stock Triumph Tigers," explains Icon. "The challenge they then approached us with was to take a the the Tiger to the absolute limit of apocalypse readiness. The result is the ICON 1000 Dromedarii.

"The name 'Dromedarii' is the term for a camel mounted cavalry which operated during the late Roman Empire. We thought this role was fitting for the Triumph Tiger — a bike designed from the outset to take on all challenges and distances over a variety of terrain."

Custom: Icon 1000 Dromedarii

"Like all ICON builds, it was then up to us to design and build the Dromedarri. We are never satisfied with only bolting on parts and calling it custom. Our bikes require serious surgery before they are considered custom."

Custom: Icon 1000 Dromedarii

"First, the rear subframe was delicately sawed off and a custom subframe grafted in place. All the stock plastics and fairings were removed, as was the stock fuel tank. We replaced these components with a oversized hand formed tank for increased range and radiator shrouds that double as crash cages. Various utility racks were added, PIAA LED lights replaced the stock units, and dual RotoPax fuel cells placed for even more range. A pair of fresh Continental TKC80s were added, as well as a high-mount Leo Vince exhaust and Ohlins reworked suspension. To finish the build, the Dromedarii was lacquered in full desert tan and awarded the ICON1000 invasion stripes on the fork tubes."

Custom: Icon 1000 Dromedarii

"The Dromedarii was then called on once again into a life of redline-thumping service. More abuse, more sliding, more speed was asked of the 800cc triple; but instead of life in the desert, the Dromedarii would be placed into a post-apocalyptic scenario that would make even Bear Grylls cry."

"The lifespan of this Tiger highlighted the outright durability of the Triumph Tiger platform. This particular Tiger, from rolling off the showroom floor, was first put through a variety of terrain and obstacles in the "Raiden Files", and then thoroughly abused in a post-apocalyptic riding scenario. Even after thousands of torturous miles under the heavy hand of ICONs cruelest stunt riders, the Tiger has plenty of life left in her."

"Though we do not recommend you do the same with your Triumph, we do give our stamp of approval to the Tiger 800XC. This is a bike fitting for ICON 1000 gear, a collection designed to perform in the harshest of circumstances with the finest of style."

Dromedarii will be on display at The One Show in Portland this weekend.

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