Two legends of motorcycle racing honored with a new collection of retro helmets

Would you like a retro helmet to go with your retro bike? The trend of all things old school isn’t limited to your new 2018 70s-inspired cafe racer. Now you can now get the helmet to match. AGV has the perfect collection of protection for your noggin and not just any collection, either. Become part of the legend with the Legends Collection and a small piece of history can now become yours. Announced at the Milan Motorcycle Show in November 2017, the Legends Collection is not only a look back at AGV’s early years legacy, it's also an ode to the racers who have made history.

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Two models of helmets are offered in this vintage collection—the X70 and the X3000. The X70 is the open-face option and comes in a wide range of colors from plain black or white to Trofeo multi-colored paint schemes, including the Pasolini. Renzo Pasolini, or Paso, was a famed Italian motorcycle racer from the late 60s and early 70s. His signature look? The open-face helmet, which he refused to swap for a full face.

AGV X70 - Be like Paso and feel the breeze

AGV X70 - Be like Paso and feel the breeze

The padding inside the helmet can be removed and washed. It features a simple double D ring fastening system as well as a fiberglass shell, and a visor can be added for a little less wind in the eyes. Pricing for the X70 varies from US$200 for the solid colors to roughly $380 for the Trofeo and Pasolini color schemes.

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If you prefer a full face helmet, the X3000 is the option for you. As the “opposite” to the open face model, the X3000 has been appropriately inspired by Giacomo Agostini, or Ago, Paso’s racing rival. The model is a reproduction of Ago’s racing helmet from the 1960s, which was also called the X3000.

Or do like Ago and go for the fierce look

Or do like Ago and go for the fierce look

Like the X70, its outer shell is made of fiberglass, another hint at the manufacturer’s history as it became the first brand to use such a material in a helmet. The padding is removable and washable as well. The visor is mounted on a metal opening mechanism and can easily be opened with the left hand only.

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The X3000 is priced around $530 for most of the designs of the collection. The Ago color scheme is a limited edition, costing $730. Only 2,000 Ago-repro units will be produced.

AGV’s Legends Collection is now available for purchase. What team are you on, Paso or Ago?

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