AGV releases new high-end full carbon fiber modular model

For decades now, AGV’s helmets have been used by some of the world’s best motorcycle racers. As you can imagine, all those years of racing have helped the company to develop increasingly advanced race lids. As cool as track helmets are though, the reality is that most riders are in need of a more practical offering. That's why AGV recently combined a number of features from its top-shelf racing models with an everyday usable modular lid to deliver an offering that boasts the best of both worlds—the AGV SPORTMODULAR.

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According to AGV, its new all-carbon lid boasts the same impact protection as its flagship Pista GP-R lid. You know, the same helmet Valentino Rossi wears. The shell features a class-leading 180 degree panoramic field of vision that customers have come to expect from the Italian helmet manufacturer, as well as what the brand is calling “adjustable modular ventilation”. In total the Sportmodular tips the scales at just 1,295 grams (or 2.85 pounds).


The removable inner lining is reversible too, with one side designed for cold-weather riding, and the other for warmer. The D-ring closure on the Sportmodular is made of titanium, which is pretty snazzy, and the visor-lock system found on AGV’s top-shelf Corsa and Pista models has made its way onto the new modular lid. There’s also an integrated intercom system, as well as drop-down sunglasses and a visor comprised of class one optic lenses. The visor removal system also appears to be identical to the one found on AGV’s flagship models, and as a happy owner of an AGV Corsa, I can confidently say the visor-mechanism and visor-lock system are both fantastic, and easy to operate with gloves on.

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The SPORTMODULAR comes in a variety of different carbon and color combinations

While the new Sportmodular isn’t cheap, it does appear to be a rock-solid helmet with the potential to raise the standard in the class. "SPORTMODULAR is a revolutionary helmet created for today’s motorcycle riders who want safety, comfort, performance and sporty design, all in one helmet. After all, we only have one head,” said AGV Helmet’s CEO Cristiano Silei.

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The new AGV Sportmodular comes in three separate shell sizes (and two visor sizes), and is offered in sizes XXS through XXXL. There are a number of different paint options as well. North American prices start at around $750 for the unpainted versions, and go up to around $850 for the paint design models. For more info you can check out the Sportmodular page on AGV’s website, or watch this short promo below.

Photos courtesy of AGV Helmets

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