Honda UK is helping fight crime and make the country a safer place for motorcycles

Buy a Honda, get a free tracking device—Honda UK is helping reduce motorcycle theft by allowing them to easily track and find their bike. Thanks to the TrakKING Adventures device, there is one less thing for bike owners to worry about.

Honda Motorcycles UK and Datatool teamed up like Batman and Robin to fight crime and give motorcycle owner citizens peace of mind. Any new Honda owner will be offered a free TrakKING Adventures device with complimentary installation at the purchase of their motorcycle, a total value of £349 (about $460). Existing owners aren't forgotten and will receive a discount on the purchase and installation of the device. The device is Tatcham Quality Assured and accredited as Secure by Design by the UK police.

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Like many tracking devices available on the market, the TrakKING Adventures allows the owner not only to know exactly where the motorcycle is located at any given time but will also notify them of any unusual activity as well as act as a route mapper. Using an Apple or Android app, the rider will be able to access all that information and share it with his friends.

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Honda created the incentive in support of the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) Secured initiative that aims to involve manufacturers in providing the owners the right tools to keep their motorcycle safe.

Neil Fletcher, head of the motorcycle division at Honda UK commented: "Fitting a tracking device such as TrakKING Adventure is a significant deterrent, looked on favorably by insurance companies and can lead to around 90% of bikes being returned to their owner if they are unfortunate enough to be stolen."

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The device will be available on all new Honda scooters and motorcycles free of charge. The new owners will, however, have to pay for their own subscription to the service at a cost of £10 ($13) per month.

No word on US availability of such a program. But hey, get to commenting, and tweeting... the squeaky wheel and all.




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