You can now "connect" your motorcycle to your smartphone thanks to the RLINK smart device and REVER app

An increasing number of motorcycle manufacturers are adding Wi-Fi to their motorcycles to allow the Communication Control Unit to send data to the rider’s smartphone using an app. What about us regular people who don’t want to ride on a Yamaha YZ450F or can’t afford a Ducati Multistrada? Until now, the only option was to stop at a gas station and pull out your cell phone from somewhere in your bag—and that’s only to use the GPS or to place a call. It’s not like we could receive useful information about how our traveling companion is doing. Thankfully for the tech-savvy riders out there, that’s about to change thanks to REVER.

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No need to look for a “connected” bike to enjoy all the perks of technology: the RLINK device that connects to the battery of any motorcycle. The RLINK is your traveling buddy that’s GPS enabled, which allows you to know where your motorcycle is located at all time, but also to map new roads you decide to venture on, recording the route for you so you don’t have to remember every turn you make, every breath you take.

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The device shares certain diagnostics including battery status and ignition as well as warn the user when it detects unusual patterns such as the battery disconnecting, tilting of the motorcycle or potential theft. Should the motorcycle fitted with the unit be in fact stolen, the GPS makes it easy to track the vehicle and even makes it possible to share the location directly with the authorities.

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With the REVER smartphone app, you will soon be able to set and control your RLINK unit. The app tracks routes and allows you to share them with other users, helps you plan customs routes, finds you a riding buddy in your area, and even allows you to join in riding challenges.

The RLINK unit is available for $259.99—cheaper than a new bike—and the REVER app is free to download but you will have to subscribe to a monthly plan to have access to all the functionalities. The only downside to this device compared to a manufacturer-installed Wi-Fi system is that the connectivity is ensured by your cellphone data so chances are you might go in and out of range depending on your location.

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