There's the right way to load a bike into a pickup truck, and there's a wrong one—the wrong way is always funnier

The weekend is just around the corner for those who haven't been enjoying some prolonged Independence Day celebrations. Some of us will want to load the bikes up and escape civilizations for a little while to enjoy a moment of communion with dirt tracks and nature. There's an art to loading a motorcycle and we already have some tips and advice for your consideration on how to do it properly without anybody—or the bike—getting hurt. But for every successful load, there are at least 20 fails. It's Friday. We deserve to indulge in other people's mistakes. Here are a few loading techniques you might want to avoid.

1) The mechanical bull

It's not how you fall that matters; it's how you get up.

2) The Forrest

Because run, Forrest, run! Down low, too slow.

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3) The "Look Ma', no ramp!"

Ramps are overrated anyway. Is planking still a thing?

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4) The Supreme

'Cause you don't really love me, you just keep me hangin' on.

5) The Flying Dutchman

The bike isn't actually Dutch, but it sure is flying!

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6) The measure twice, fail once

He aims and he... fails.

7) The Reverse Cowboy

You are never safe from a fail, not even when unloading.

8) The First Person Loader

GoPros allow us to see the world from all sorts of different angles, including rolling on the ground.

BONUS: Not all who try fail miserably.

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