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Loading a motorcycle into the back of a pickup truck can be surprisingly tricky. This basic guide to the process should help you through it.

Supplies You'll Need:

- Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps

- Motorcycle Ramp

- An able-bodied buddy


1. Park on a firm, level surface and clear your truck's bed of any flotsam or jetsam that could cause you to slip.

2. Unfold the ramp and place the rubber edge on top of the tailgate's lip.

3. Secure the ramp using a tie-down connected to it and the truck.

4. Place the bike in neutral and it up with the ramp.

5. While you hold the bike's handlebars from the left side, have your friend push from the rear, applying pressure to a part of the bike that can take the weight.

6. Get the bike as high as you're comfortable with, apply the front brake, then have your friend climb into the bed and pull the bike the rest of the way in.

7. Attach the straps above (very important) the suspension and to tie-down points on each side of the front wheel. Brace the front wheel on the front of the bed.

8. take the slack out of the tie-downs as the bike is completely upright.

9. Bounce the suspension as your friend pulls the tie downs equally tight, the bike should remain securely upright when you're done, but should have some of its suspension travel remaining to absorb bumps during the trip.

10. Consider securing the rear wheel with another tie-down if it seems as if it might shift during the trip.

11. Check on the bike periodically or when you stop for gas to make sure it remains secure.


1. Do not lower the side stand once the bike is loaded.

2. Compressing the suspension fully could damage your bike.

3. If the bike shifts during travel, don't panic. Find a safe place to pull over and re-secure it, maybe a a little tighter or more evenly this time.

4. The tailgates on some trucks can't handle the weight of large or multiple bikes. Consult your owner's manual to figure out how much they can hold.

5. It can be a good idea to securely chain your motorcycle to your truck when parked to prevent it from being stolen.

Do you have any tips or tricks you can add? Tell us in comments below.



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