Welcome to RideApart's Motorcycle Holiday Buying Guide. To help clear up the confusion when it comes to finding that perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life, we've made things simple by breaking down great gift ideas by the type of motorcyclist you're buying for. So whether you've got a Hooligan Street racer or a Moto Nerd to buy for, look no further.

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Because She's Worth It

'Tis the season to be riding and buying! It's X-mas time, and as you know, it's a pretty big holiday here in the US. If you're currently dating an awesome, fabulous, and beautiful lady moto rider, don't buy her chocolate, a puppy or a diamond ring—she doesn't want that! Be thoughtful, and get her something that reminds her of the things she loves: you (maybe?) and her moto (definitely!).

According to Marie Claire magazine, apparently you should buy her a Ducati Scrambler this holiday season.

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

However, we aren’t going to put actual motorcycles on this list because obviously anyone (guy or gal) would love to be gifted something that has two-wheels and a motor. This list will cover items that are reasonably affordable as well as “money is no object.”  The latter is deserved because, you know, she’s special and she deserves it.

1. FREEZE-OUT Women's Base Layer Zipped Gilet

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

I own this because of my amazing boyfriend who bought it for me. We did a track day right after Thanksgiving this year, and it was pretty chilly. To be honest, I never even considered ever buying legitimate warm base layers—I always figured sweaters worked well. However, now that I own this jacket, I wear it on my chilly morning commute. I promise, your girl will thank you for keeping her warm.

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Price: 39.99

Available at Cycle Gear

2. Moto Mug

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Is money tight this holiday season? Is there a gal you just started dating, but don’t want to get her something that’s “too much too soon?” Well, this moto mug should do the trick (especially if she drinks coffee or tea). To up the ante on the gift, you can also make her these adorable moto cookies (or biscuits if you’re in the UK), wrap them in clear wrapping paper and voila! You will also get brownie points for giving her something handmade.

$12.33 (Note: If it needs to be shipped to the US, add an extra $12-14 to this)

Available at ThePerpendicularPig.

3. Moto Jewelry

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

This is a fantastic inexpensive option to give your lady. I mean what female motorcyclists would not want moto jewelry? On top of that, you can personalize it by adding a charm with the letter of her first name, adding a birthstone charm, and picking out the length of the chain.

I got this for a friend for her birthday and it looks really nice! The shipping is also pretty fast.

Price: $18.00

Available at GustavsDachshundShop.

4. CruzTools RTTD1 Road Tech Teardrop Tool Kit

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

If your lady is riding around without tools on her, then that’s no bueno. Tools are not just for the guys--anyone who rides needs to have them on hand. This pouch is designed to fit in teardrop toolboxes, or she can simply put them in her bag…

Price: $105.00

Available at Revzilla

5. The Lauren Bag

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Debra Chin created a stylish moto backpack for women who ride. It's a versatile bag—while your lady rides, she has it in backpack mode and when she's off the bike, she can convert it into a purse. The Lauren also comes in different colors: black, white and red.

I own one and I must say, it's amazing! I use it every single day I commute into work. I love how I can easily convert it to a purse, and it also fits a good amount of things.

Price: $325.00 (Note: There's 15% off for new customers) 

Available at MotoChic Gear. 

6. RACER Women's Grip Gloves

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

RACER gloves make one of the best gloves for women. I own a pair of the High Racers and the Grip glove. What I like about the Grip is the incredible comfortable. These are also three season gloves: spring, summer and fall, so your lady rider can get a lot of use out of them for the majority of the year.

Price: $159.99

Available at RACER Gloves USA. 

7. Dainese Women's Bahia D-WP Boots

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

Don't these boots look so nice? I wear head-to-toe gear... for the most part. Lately, I've been riding in boots that look similar to these, but definitely don't offer the same protection. The reason? It's simply easier for me to hop off my bike with the shoes I'm going to wear for the rest of the day. Don't let your girl make the same decisions I'm making. These are definitely on my Christmas wish list (MAJOR hint for my boyfriend Greg, who is reading this. I wear a size 40. )

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Price: $239.95

Available at Motorsport.com. 

8. Motorcycle Excursion Through Cuba

For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide

This one for all you big spenders out there. Here's the chance to really blow her away by getting her a moto excursion through Cuba. I got the idea to put this on the list when I spoke to a couple who did a tour throughout the island, and they told me they loved every single minute of it.

On top of that, Havana is known as a truly romantic city—perhaps it will also be a great opportunity to propose to her... with a keyring that has a key to a new Multistrada that's waiting for her back home!

Price: $8,975 per person (Includes 13 Days and 900 miles of riding in Cuba) 

Available at Moto Discovery. 



For Your Lady Rider - RideApart Holiday Gift Guide
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