Safety when riding a motorcycle is a bit of an oxymoron. Is straddling an engine attached to two wheels, and traveling between 4000 pound guided missiles driven by texting drivers ever really safe? Not really, but it can be a little safer with a little module from Gear Brake.

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What is it?

It's a brake light module that plugs into your factory wire harness and actuates your rear brake light whenever deceleration is detected. It uses a 2 second pulsing alert to indicate to other vehicles that you are slowing down. It is available as a universal kit or they do offer some custom fit options that plug and play so no wires are cut or spliced. Check out the video for a brief over view.

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Why is this important?

Some basic safety numbers from Gear Brake's website and sourced from the NTSB and NHTSA.

One second could save your life

An extra 1 second of warning time can prevent 90 percent of rear-end collisions. (NTSB)

Pulsing lights get attention

Pulsing brake lights can improve reaction times by 50% compared to standard brake lights. (NHTSA)

29% of wrecks are rear-end collisions

The major causes are distracted drivers and the inability to detect slowing traffic. (NTSB)

I often find that I will simply roll of the throttle to scrub speed. With a large displacement twin and heavyweight flywheel it's an easy thing to do. Sometimes I flash my break lights, but more often than not I don't. The Gear Brake makes that thought unnecessary and keeps your mind on the road in front of you. In this world of distracted drivers that flashing red light could be the difference between an accident and riding home.

What does safety cost?

Prices are $69.95 for the universal kit and another $30 for the plug and play. That's pretty cheap protection for the back end of your motorcycle and it's made in the USA.

Right now there's a way to get the plug n play harness for free. The company is building custom-fit wiring harnesses for particular models so they can add new ones to their inventory. If you have a bike model they don't already make a kit for they can make you one. Take some photos of your bikes stock wiring, and the company will research the appropriate wiring schematics and build the new plug n play harness at no additional charge to you, saving you $30.

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Improve Your Brake Light Visibility With The Gear Brake Module
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