We recently ran a piece on some of the top rated GPS apps for your phone. One of the requests we got was to highlight track day specific apps for your phone. We did some research and found several that offer great value for the dollar and do more than just track a lap time. 

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The smart phone is a sensor laden powerhouse where most of its features are barely utilized by the majority. Candy Crush doesn't tax any facet of your phones processing, it doesn't tap the potential of the accelerometer, the GPS, or even the memory. These track day apps, however, use all of a smart phone's sensors in order to give you accurate and useful feedback about your track day.

Track Attack

The Top Apps to Use On Your Next Track Day

The aptly named Track Attack app is a lap timer and HD video recorder that includes free cloud memory for easy viewing on multiple devices. The GPS tracks low, average, and high speeds as well as track position. The video and GPS synchronize so you can break down each lap corner by corner. The app has over 500 tracks already uploaded into its database and also handles rally, auto cross, road course, and more. You can also choose to skip shooting video and just use the app to track the laps. Lastly, there is a one touch sharing to FaceBook so everyone can see how well you're doing. The cost for Track Attack is $14.99.

Track Day for iPhone

The Top Apps to Use On Your Next Track Day

Track Day is exclusively for iPhone and iPad users. Designed with motorcyclists in mind and claiming to be "by riders for riders," it has less features than the Track Attack app but offers the basics you need in order to improve your times. Track View allows you to view the race line before you head out on track (assuming it has your track on file.) The Dashboard View allows you to see real time lap times, sector times, and compare them back in the paddock area. It has about 240+ tracks in its database, but the app can also learn any track you're on and then uploads the information to that same database. Another nice touch is that it has the track day and race calendars for Motorcycle Xcitement, NESBA, Team Pro-Motion, No Limits Trackdays (UK) built in to the app for easy access. At $4.99, it's a great value for these features.

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Trackmaster for Android

The Top Apps to Use On Your Next Track Day

Because not all motorcyclists have iPhones, there's Trackmaster available for Android. Like most things Android, there is a lot of customization bundled into this app. You can record a bunch of track data: position, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, absolute time, split times, elapsed times, and lap times. You can start this recording using any number of triggers such as immediate, by movement, delayed, or by first split marker. You can also automatically upload your video to MyTrackmaster.com, view your lap times and split times with graphical analysis on your phone.What's really neat is that you can send your data to Google Earth for desktop replay, analysis, and editing.

Enable speech on Trackmaster in order to have your speed and times spoken to you while you're racing, which can be done via a Bluetooth head set. Use Live View to provide real-time track data and position to your fans or race with your friends using the Race Group feature. Launch Street View to see a panoramic view of your race line and the track. Lastly, the app allows you to overlay your laps to compare your race line. Trackmaster works great for autocross, hill climbs, road rally, and track days.

That's a lot of features stuffed into this app and the cost? $3.99—making it a steal.

Which app you choose depends on what phone you carry and what your goals are. All three mentioned have plenty of features. The Track Day app is our pick—it's available on all three phone platforms making it very versatile, and data can also be shared between a lot of people without everyone owning the same phone. It is, however, the priciest for that convenience, but the cloud storage and other rich features it provides makes up for it. What's the best track day app you've used?

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The Top Apps to Use On Your Next Track Day
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