For those of you who want a more affordable bike anti-theft storage solution, look no further. Watch the video at RideApart to learn more.

Not all of us have 16-vehicle mega-garages with polished floors, efficient LED lighting and certain large-chin comedian at its helm. For us plebeians, space is a commodity and finding a safe, secure place to store one’s bike can be a headache if not a downright pain in the butt.

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Die Motorradgaragen von GSM—which, based on my limited German (read: what I learned from listening to Rammstein as a teenager) and understanding of linguistics—means the motorcycle garage of GSM—is the bike storage solution for the rest of us. And by rest of us, I mean those who have garages filled with boxes of crap we never unpacked from our last move.

The over design is quite ingenious. It folds up and out of the way when not in use, and then accordions outward to provide a secure, metal encasing for your two wheels. Nifty enough, there is even a storage shelf for all your gear and some handy tools.

This has been out for a while now, but is still a great storage solution for those looking to secure their ride when space is limited.

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A Motorcycle Anti-Theft Storage Solution For The Rest Of Us

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Photos Courtesy Of GSM-GmbH

A Motorcycle Anti-Theft Storage Solution For The Rest Of Us
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