Berlin Launches e-Scooter Sharing ProgramThe benefits of more sensible urban transportation, and sustainable energy, have convened in a...

The benefits of more sensible urban transportation, and sustainable energy, have convened in a scooter-sharing service in Berlin. Coup, a Bosch subsidiary, will employ the Gogoro Smartscooter as an alternative mobility option in urban traffic.

"Launching the Gogoro Smartscooter in Berlin as our first expansion market is special because it is a great two-wheel city, and is also one of the most sophisticated, progressive and creative cities in the world" said Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO of Gogoro.

Some 200 Smartscooters will be available in the Berlin neighborhoods of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg. They have a governed maximum speed of 45 kph (28 mph) so that everyone over 21 holding a car or motorcycle driving license can use them. The pricing model is based on a flat-rate fee which charges €3 for 30 minutes or €20 (US $22) for the whole day. The service is accessed via an accompanying Coup app that makes it simple to find, book, and pay for a scooter.

"The congestion, parking problems, replacement services and billing by the minute of current sharing services are not customer-centric," said launch manager Urs Rahne. "With the Smartscooter and sharing, we are confident we are offering a new attractive mobility solution for Berlin. The people of our cities deserve more, they deserve an alternative that saves money, time and enables further independence in their urban lifestyle."

"Bosch is collaborating closely with Gogoro on this project," said Mat Schubert, general manager of Coup. "Gogoro has rapidly become the global leader for connected and electrically powered scooters."

"The European market for electric motorcycles and scooters is still in its infancy, yet consumers are clamoring for more sustainable and innovative two-wheel options," Horace Luke said. "We have been approached by many scooter sharing services from around the world and it was clear that Bosch and Coup had the potential to be a great market maker for scooter sharing in Europe."

It is unclear how the program will address the issue of helmets, which are required by German law.

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