Honda has revealed a futuristic 150SS Racer concept at the Bangkok Motor Show.

Honda 150SS Concept Shown in Bangkok

Honda Thailand presented the stylish and futuristic 150SS Racer concept at the Bangkok Motor Show. Scant information was provided on either its specifications or production plans, but the details on the cute little bugger indicate something more than just a design exercise. Given the popularity of sporty minibikes in the European and Asian markets, the SS could be in showrooms in the near future.

Honda provided no information on the basis for the powerplant, which may be an enlarged Grom unit or derived from the CBR150R. While it may be unlikely that the carbon fiber wheels and fenders would make it to production, who knows? There may be more than a few buyers ready to pony up for a high end pit bike. The same goes for the built-in front and rear cameras, which may be merely for proof-of-concept or testing purposes. The sportbike styling and wide rims provide an aggressive stance for the little fellow, enhanced by the racy muffler. The purpose of the clear side panels below the seat is unclear.

Number plates? It is a SuperSport Racer, after all.

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