Dunlop had a specific goal in building the Sportmax Q3+ and that was to create a tire that delivers the same class-leading performance as the Q3, but one that lasts longer to give riders more track days and more time on their favorite twisting roads. In the end, the Q3+ proved to offer even better performance than the Q3, plus up to 30 percent boost in tire life.

The Sportmax Q3 has been the darling of serious sport and track-day riders ever since it’s introduction four years ago, and improving on its design meant squeezing every gram of weight and every fraction of performance out of each component. As a result, more than 80-percent of the Q3+ components are redesigned compared to the Q3, creating a dramatically improved tire. The rear’s new silica-enriched center tread section has increased longevity without sacrificing grip. In fact, the performance of the Q3+ dramatically eclipses that of the Q3. Tested back-to-back with the Sportmax Q3, the Q3+ was more than a second quicker at Roebling Road Raceway.

Dunlop Announces New Sportmax Q3+

In addition to the carbon fiber reinforcement utilized in the sidewalls of the front and rear tires, construction and compound changes contributed to added tire stability, giving the Q3+ 3.5 percent to 6.0 percent more footprint and more grip at max lean angles. By delivering more grip and more longevity, the Q3+ is a faster, longer lasting tire, able to provide riders with more riding days compared to the Q3.

Fast Facts

- The only hypersport tire made in the U.S.A., the Q3+ was designed at Dunlop’s Buffalo, NY headquarters, and manufactured in the Buffalo plant on the same high-tech production equipment as Dunlop’s racing tires.

- Dunlop’s Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) employed in the Q3+ uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the tire sidewalls for exceptional cornering performance and feel.

- Aggressive Q3+ tread pattern uses minimal tread grooves that are long in length to enhance wet-weather performance.

Dunlop Announces New Sportmax Q3+

Front            Load/Speed   Available

120/60ZR17 - (55W) -  August 2017

120/70ZR17 - (58W) - May 2017


160/60ZR17 - (69W) - August 2017

180/55ZR17 - (73W) - May 2017

190/50ZR17 - (73W) - May 2017

190/55ZR17 - (75W) - May 2017


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