For some reason, motorcycle companies like to assign different model names and numbers to the same models in different countries. Nobody has yet come up with a rational explanation for the practice, because… well, who really cares? Our pals over at are ever alert to potential changes in the confusion of letters and numbers though, and have divined that Yamaha may be on the verge of some standardization.

In non-North American markets the Yamaha FZ-07/09/10 series are known as the MT-07/09/10. American customers were already familiar with the FZ stamp before the new models came along, while Europeans were accustomed to the MT mark from the MT-01 and -03 models of 10 years earlier.

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Now it appears some uniformity is in the works, with word that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified the MT-10 for next year. Which does not necessarily mean that Yamaha plans to change the model designations, since the MT entries were already on the books for trademark registration. And, since the the emissions figures on the CARB application for the 2018 MT-10 are slightly higher than last year, it may signal a change to engine tuning and/or the exhaust system. Or, it may mean that someone in Japan typed MT by mistake rather than FZ. Or neither. Or both.

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However, (this is where the plot, or lack thereof, thickens), the MO report points out that none of the other FZ models for 2018 have yet been approved by CARB or the Environmental Protection Agency. Which may mean something. Or nothing. The answers to these mysteries will likely have to wait until the EICMA show next month in Milan. On the other hand, CARB has certified the 2018 Yamaha XSR700, which is equipped with the same exhaust system as the 2017 FZ-07. Whew, what a relief.

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Rest assured that when we have more details, we’ll get them to you PDQ. OK? 10-4.

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