Last week, our friends over at Motor1 detailed a positively insane project, something that'd make even the bravest of daredevils think, "Eh, I'm not sure about that." Of course, I'm talking about the Engler V-12, a 1,200-horsepower quad.

Yes, you read that right, as the company wants to build a quad bike with hypercar-levels of horsepower, torque, and madness. So in the immortal words of Sam Jackson in Jurassic Park, riders are gonna have to "hold onto your butts." Well, hold onto the bike's bars, because there's nothing else to hold onto.

We were so intrigued by the insanity that we emailed Engler about the V-12 Quad and asked a few questions, chief among them, "Why?" To our astonishment, they replied back.

Speaking with Engler's CEO, Viktor Engler, he told RideApart, "The ENGLER super sports car story began when I was just 10 years old, dreaming of building the fastest car ever. While most childhood dreams fade, mine only grew stronger over time. Ten years ago, I decided to turn that dream into reality," adding, "Despite having no experience in automotive industry and lacking millions of euros, I was determined. I wanted to create something unique, something that would amaze everyone. That's how the idea of a Superquad was born. Many thought I was crazy, and there were times I doubted myself too. But deep down, I knew I had to make it happen." 


We can see why people thought he was crazy, though, as the V-12 sports a monocoque chassis, carbon ceramic brakes, and the aforementioned V-12 engine is aiming to pump out 1,200 horsepower and over 800 lb-ft of torque all channeled through a titanium exhaust system. Engler also states that the aim is for the V-12 to hit 248 mph and 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. 

Again, for emphasis, the footprint is an elongated quad bike. This is not a fully enclosed supercar. You're going to have to hold on for dear life. 

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When questioned about taking the quad bike design to this level, Engler added, "The inspiration for ENGLER struck me while I was on holiday in Greece around 15 years ago. I was cruising around on one of those Chinese quad bikes with flashy wheels, hoping for a thrill. But as much as it tried to go fast, like supercar fast, it just didn't deliver the speed I craved."

He added, "That moment was a turning point for me. I realized there was a gap in the market for something truly exhilarating. From that day forward, I knew exactly how the ENGLER would look and feel. It was the beginning of an exciting journey to create something that would truly satisfy the need for speed." 

That's one hell of a need for speed, if you ask us, and we're certified speed lunatics. But whether or not this is all possible is still up for debate, as the physics involved with making something as radically fast as the V-12 are immense. Sure, strapping a honking-great engine into something beyond tiny is as old as time. But to this degree and then selling it to normies off the street has never been done to this extent or insanity

I mean, we just saw what happens when you give someone too much hypercar horsepower in the McLaren Senna that crashed a few weeks ago. Imagine more horsepower, less weight, and fewer controls or safety...

But we're game to try it out if it ever becomes a reality. What better story at the Pearly Gates than sliding backward and on fire through Heaven's doors could there be? "Hello, Saint Peter, I'm sure heard us coming."

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