Finest and most lovely Ride Apart readers, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to a YouTube channel called Countersteer. Now, not much is known about Countersteer, since the person behind it only joined the platform in February 2020, but we now know enough to tell you that he’s clearly the hero we both need and deserve right now. 

Besides a clear obsession with some of the best bikes that Honda had to offer in the ‘80s and ‘90s—which would clearly endear anyone to my heart—he’s also put together an exceedingly unhelpful series called “Misguided Maintenance.” So far, only two episodes are available, but hopefully more are planned. They’re short, punchy, hilarious, and will delight you and your friends for hours as you keep showing these short clips to new people, to the point where you may well memorize their contents.  

In the first video, we learn all about changing blinker fluid. Now, the thing that no one ever tells you about blinker fluid is that changing it is less your problem; draining it is truly where it’s at. That’s right, your beloved bike is going through puberty. Much like a terrible case of acne, you’ve gotta drain those things before they get completely out of control. Resistance may indeed be futile, but draining excessive blinker fluid buildup is anything but, my friends. Exercise caution, and you might want to consider slipping into some protective goggles before you engage. 


In the second video, we learn about the importance of inconsequential tire rotation. Since this is an intensive and time-consuming process that could take many hours to complete (and many more still if this is your first time), we’d definitely suggest thinking about strapping a handy hydration pack to your back for such thirsty work. Now, you’ll still need to take occasional breaks to go filter all that excess hydration from your system, but think of all the time you’ll save! Your hydration pack will truly pay for itself in no time. 

Source: YouTube 

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