Folks, while you’re in the midst of prepping your bike for its inaugural spring ride (and maybe waiting out that last winter storm–we’re looking at you, Vermont), we’re here to tell you about all of the hard-to-find products that will improve your life.

We know that a lot of our readership is heavy into DIY when it comes to motorcycle maintenance and repair, so today we bring you Dime City Cycles original blinker fluid.

Certainly there will always be skeptics in any audience, but have faith! Once you watch this extremely detailed and technically completely accurate video you may even learn a thing or two about hand-drill operation along with the correct application of Blinker Fluid.

We know it’s an often-overlooked procedure and something most people don’t bother with sometimes over the entire life of the bike, but just like those pesky muffler bearings, it’s worth the regular maintenance. If you let your blinker fluid run completely dry, the electrons won’t have any lubrication and can back up into your blinker system and clog up the whole works, then you’ll have to replace all five blinkers! What a hassle!

The best part about this stuff is, it isn’t a single-use fluid. As described in the video, it’ll work on everything you own that blinks: your bikes and cars, your golf cart, your microwave, your alarm clock, that seamless red box in the corner that you’re pretty sure your roommate brought home even though he hasn’t spoken a word since that night, you know, the one that makes a “fweee!” noise every so often; heck, even that VCR in your livingroom that’s been blinking for seventeen years. Do you even know where it’s plugged in? Do you even own any VHS tapes?

Dime City Cycles Blinker Fluid is a non-toxic, dairy-free, carbon-neutral, dolphin-safe, certified green, organic, dye-free ultra-high-purity lubricant that is guaranteed not to contain any dibutylphthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, syngnathidae or nuts.

It may, but is definitely not guaranteed to, remove blind spots, walk your cat, clear your cookies, repel velociraptors, refill your beer, call your mom on her birthday, regrow hair (placement not guaranteed), and polish your elderly dog to a glasslike shine.

While we’re here, let us also recommend Aerostich’s Workshop Undo Switch for those times when you knew you were putting just a little too much weight on that breaker bar, and some replacement Wiring Harness Smoke for when you run out of blinker fluid and let the smoke out of your old British bike’s electrical system.

Source: Dime City Cycles

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