Every time I think that the very last “barn find” lot of motorcycles has been discovered, that there couldn’t possibly be any more in the world, another one pops up and it’s full of extremely interesting pieces.

This one is going to auction on June 15 and if you are near Springfield, Michigan, you might just want to pop over there to see if anything strikes your fancy. You might also want to, as they say, bring a trailer.

Jeff Begg was the best kind of motorsport enthusiast: a guy who retired with a bunch of money and discovered the internet, and then began amassing the most amazing collection of fascinating and rare vehicles we’ve seen to date outside of a museum. Heck, this collection bests a lot of museums.

Begg was an engineer and an inventor and as such, obviously had a keen eye for interesting machinery. The collection of motorcycles was his “Dirty Little Secret” known only to his secretary. Nobody in his family knew that he had this collection. His Ebay addiction began when his wife, an Ebay enthusiast, died in 2003 and he had to square up all her accounts. He discovered Ebay auctions then and developed quite a taste. After Begg passed away, his nephew and business partner started going through Begg’s affairs and discovered warehouses stuffed full of Ebay-sourced vintage machinery and parts.

The auction site has a photo of every single thing for sale. This includes two Ariel Square Fours, several Panthers, five Velocettes, six Excelsior Hendersons, a Vincent, a few Moto Guzzis, seven Matchless, a couple Jawas, and several that I have never heard of (have you?).

The pre-sale open house will happen on Friday June 14 from 10AM until 7PM. On Saturday the 15th, the gates will open at 7AM. If you are local and end up there, please report back about the things you buy!

Preview the collection on the auction house’s website over at VanDerBrink Auctions.

Source: VanDerBrink Auctions

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