There’s a flock of states currently considering legalizing different biker-friendly measures, including Oregon. Yay us. After failure to have the bill go through in 2018, the Western state is having another go at it and you can help. Here’s how.

Now live is the Lane Share Oregon platform that invites residents to share their enthusiasm and show their support of House Bill 2314 to their local legislators. Residents can fill in their name and address in order to help the site identify who locals can contact with their comments. You can select both your Representative or the State Senator and send them an e-mail explaining why in your opinion lane splitting should be legalized.

The HB2314 suggests that lane splitting be made legal on highways with a posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour or more, in situations when traffic is moving at 10 miles per hour or less, and would allow any two-wheel vehicles to travel up to 10 mph max above the speed of the surrounding traffic (quick math: that’s a maximum speed of 20 mph). Motorcycles and mopeds would be forbidden to lane split between the standard lane and a curb or a bicycle lane, between the lane and parked vehicles, or in a school zone.

It may seem a bit restrictive, but it’s a start, right? Slower  speeds also mean lower chances of someone making a sudden lane change and surprising an unsuspecting lane splitter.

Neither the Lane Share Oregon or Oregon State Legislature sites are showing a hearing date for the bill yet. In the meantime, Oregon riders assemble! This is your time to shine and to let the people in power know about all the benefits of lane splitting. All it takes is a few minutes for a lifetime of increased safety. Hashtag worth it.

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