The Honda CRF450L has a reputation for being lightweight, capable, easy to handle, and easy to control—both off-road and on. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a few key accessories to make it a little easier to go on longer trips with, the folks at RebelX Sports may have just what you’re looking for. 

For those unfamiliar, RebelX Sports makes rally kits for various bikes designed to increase their rallying capabilities. There’s one for the KTM 790, the 690 Enduro, and the EXC 450 and 500—as well as some for the Yamaha WR450F models from 2012 up through 2019, not to mention the Husqvarna FE from 2017 through 2019. Now, at long last, the CRF450L joins the fold with a trick Adventure Kit that also has a couple of options available for further customization. 

RebelX says the kit is completely plug-and-play. It includes a Nav Tower that gives you room for up to two smart devices, and is compatible with Garmin, Trailtech Voyager Pro, and Ram Mount devices straight out of the box. Other features include a plug and play main power wire, four-way fuse box with error LED indicator, two USB quick charge ports, voltmeter display, an OEM dashboard riser, a stainless steel on/off LED switch, and a toolbag/medical kit compartment. It also, according to RebelX, offers better wind protection than the 450L’s stock plastics. 


Add-on options include an 11.3 (3 gallon) fuel tank, which addresses one major hurdle to taking the CRF450L on long rides. Side panels to fit this fuel tank can be installed or not, as you choose. There’s also an optional Roadbook/Tripmaster bracket for serious rally riding, as well as an extra Baja Design Squadron Pro light. The kit is made 100 percent in Italy, per RebelX Sports.

Honda CRF450L RebelX Adventure Rally Kit
Honda CRF450L RebelX Nav Tower

What’s it all cost? Right now, RebelX is taking pre-orders, and offering a special pre-order sale price of €1,490.00 (about $1,742) for the base kit. Adding the 11.3-liter fuel tank will run an extra €549 ($642), and adding the Baja Design Squadron Pro Light runs €279 ($326) more. Cost for all options and this street-legal kit together is €2,318 ($2,710). 

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