While it’s true that 2020’s global pandemic has taken a lot of events away from us, in some cases, it’s given a few opportunities as well that shouldn’t be overlooked. More people getting out on their bikes for a bit of socially distanced moto therapy is always going to be a good thing, right?  

What happens if you’re in the business of adventuring, though? Say you’re the guy who’s been producing the Backcountry Discovery Series videos for the past 10 years. Sure, they focus on time largely spent riding off the beaten track—but you’re still in groups, even if they’re pretty small and manageable. Your job is to ride—and to shoot and edit video that gets other people excited about riding—and everything’s changed. Or, has it?  

For some people—and maybe even for different people at a specific point in their lives—the idea of a solo backcountry ride is enticing. Now, at that point, you should probably know yourself and your skill and comfort levels, so you know if your self-sufficiency skills are up to the task. If they are, you may want to consider doing a long, free-form solo ride like motorcycle filmmaker Sterling Noren of Noren Films just did.  

You may not end up using your 30-day journey over 6,000 miles of terrain to come up with a docuseries that splits the trip into 25 parts—but you just might find the kind of mental peace you needed along the way.  

“I didn’t have an itinerary. There was no schedule. I was free to wake up and ride as far as I wanted, or as little as I wanted every day,” Noren said.  

“Spending time in nature by yourself gives your soul a chance to quiet down. It renews the spirit. So you can go back to everyday life refreshed and contribute in a better way.” 

One thing he wanted to do for the trip was cook his meals and sleep at his camp every day. Did he succeed while riding across Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico? Check out this trailer, and then get ready to subscribe to watch the full series for free when it starts releasing on his YouTube channel on September 23, 2020.  

Sources: YouTube, ADV Pulse 

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