Your mama might have told you that motorcycles are dangerous, but they can save lives too. Aether Apparel and luxury helmet company Veldt are teaming up to help out Riders for Health, a non-profit that brings healthcare to rural Africa, and you can join in.

In North America, most motorcyclists aren’t relying on their bikes for transportation. It’s a different story in rural Africa, where a motorcycle might be the only vehicle many people can afford—and the only vehicle that can travel to remote communities on rough roads. Riders for Health provides motorcycles and motorcycle ambulances to health care workers in Africa, even providing rider training to help provide medical services in hard-to-reach areas.

Of course, motorcycles cost money, and Riders for Health needs funds to keep its fleet on the road and provide new machines. To help Riders for Health, Aether Apparel and Veldt put together a collection of special motorcycle helmets, with custom paint jobs from 13 different artists. The companies is selling these helmets for $2,500 each through the Aether Apparel website. All of the proceeds will go directly to Riders for Health.

Obviously, you’re not buying these helmets because you want a high-end skid lid—the price is high in order to benefit the non-profit. However, these helmets are very nice kit. The press kit says “Each Veldt helmet is handmade using top-of-the-line materials and technology that offers the best combination of lightness and impact protection. The carbon-fiber shell is crafted from more than 30 pieces of prepreg fibers, with ventilation grooves to release heat. Rivets allow accessories to be fastened with screws, and Coolmax fabric keeps riders comfortable and cool. Padding is removable for an optimal fit, and a laser-engraved serial number and NFC tag guarantees authenticity.

So, it’s a carefully-built helmet, with luxury features. When you ride up to The Rock Store, you don’t have to worry about anyone else having the exact same equipment, thanks to the one-off paint job.

Along with the helmet sales, Aether Apparel says it’s also giving riding gear to Riders for Health, so doctors have safe motorcycle equipment. For more details, or to buy one of the customized Veldt helmets, visit Aether’s website.

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