Perfect for owners of BMW classic bikes and cafe racers.

To many, BMW makes some of the most beautiful and high performance motorcycles the world has ever seen. Having developed quite a following over the years, I know more than one diehard BMW enthusiast, who refuses to drive or ride anything other than a machine made by the Bavarian company. This kind of cult following for a specific brand isn’t exactly unheard of, especially for a brand like BMW—a brand with undeniable heritage.

To pay homage to the company’s rich history (and provide a totally hipster aesthetic that looks totally rad), BMW has released the 2020 BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection. An apparel collection consisting of both riding and casual wear, it taps into the century-long history of the most famous German motorcycle manufacturer. Giving off a totally retro look, the apparel is undoubtedly best paired with their neo-retro bike, the R NineT, or other classic BMWs, of course. As you can see, BMW has focused mainly on black for this collection. With subtle cues such as twin pinstripes and subtle touches of copper stitching and white accents, the collection accentuates BMW’s mostly understated, yet stunning design cues. Apart from looking the absolute bomb, the garments are made using the most cutting edge technology in fabrics. The production techniques of each garment are meant to ensure maximum safety, quality, and durability.

BMW PureBoxer Jacket

Classic Style: 2020 BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection

Made out of 1.2mm horse leather, this premium motorcycle jacket features a smooth finish and a sheen that just screams classic. Leather of this grade is known to develop its own unique patina over the years. Accentuated with copper stitching and zippers, as well as stud fasteners, the jacket also comes with a removable quilted thermal liner. The jacket comes equipped with ultra thin shoulder and elbow protectors. An optional NP Flex back protector can also be fitted onto the jacket.

BMW PureBoxer Gloves

Classic Style: 2020 BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection

The BMW PureBoxer gloves employ a simple yet stunning design and give off a classic, cafe racer aesthetic. Constructed using buckskin leather, the gloves are supple and soft to the hands, yet very hard wearing, providing utmost longevity. Press-stud fasteners take the place of traditional Velcro straps found on other gloves. Of course, a pair of gloves of this caliber are indeed touchscreen compatible.

BMW Boxer Troyer Pullover

Classic Style: 2020 BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection

The Boxer Troyer knit pullover employs styling from the infancy of motorcycling. Primarily a style piece, it’s made from a blend of worsted wool and acrylic fibers. Made from black wool, it features a twin striped asymmetrical sleeve and a BMW logo on the chest. Perfect for winter conditions, the pullover features an extended hem, cuffs, and a zipped collar.

BMW RoadCrafted Denim Jacket & Jeans

Classic Style: 2020 BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection
Classic Style: 2020 BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection

The RoadCrafted denim jacket and jeans may look like casual wear for when you’re off the motorcycle. However, they inconspicuously carry with them all the safety features necessary for when you’re riding your bike. Both the jeans and the jacket are made from high grade, heavyweight abrasion resistant denim with double and even triple stitching in certain areas. The denim jacket features the same subtle NP flex armor found on the PureBoxer jacket.


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