Helmet manufacturer AGV has joined the companies that offer communication units that fully integrate with their helmets. The AGV Ark promises to integrate perfectly with AGV's Sportmodular, AX9, and K-5 S helmets.

AGV developed the Ark in cooperation with Sena, one of the leaders in helmet communication units. In fact, it bears a striking resemblance to Sena's own 3S communicator. The Ark packs better performance and more features, though. While the Sena 3S claims a Bluetooth range of 220 yards, the Ark will connect four riders up to a mile away. It features several intercom modes, phone pairing with Android and iPhone utilities, music sharing, and even a built-in FM radio. It may be a similar size to the Sena 3S, but it packs features similar to the Sena 10S into a smaller package.

The best part about the AGV Ark is the way it fully integrates with the helmet. Most communicators, even top-end units, look like a big bulky blob tacked onto the side of your helmet. The Ark attaches to a specially designed intercom adapter (sold separately, specific to the helmet model and size) that integrates smoothly into the side of the helmet. It looks like it belongs there because it does. Speakers and either a standard mic or boom mic also fit inside the helmet just as efficiently.

This technology isn't exactly groundbreaking, but it is a first for AGV's helmets. My old Nolan modular helmet also supports a proprietary integrated communicator. The Ark's features and specs are about as good as a mid-grade Sena, which is no surprise given Sena's collaboration with AGV. It's good to see more integrated communicator options available for a wider variety of helmets. Having Sena's help means that the AGV Ark should be a decent performer and compatible with the most popular communicators out there.

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