When riding your bike, the last thing you want to be concerned about is talking on the phone, but if it’s a must then a Bluetooth is the only way to go. Sena Technologies has been producing Bluetooths for the outdoor market for quite a while and is currently the global leader in Bluetooth innovation for motorsports. That being the case, any product off their line is probably worth checking out.

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Sena's New, Innovative Bluetooth: The 10S

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At the upcoming American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), Sena will launch six new products. These include the 10S, the 10R, the 10U, the Prism Tube and Wristband, and the Handlebar Remotes. All the new products are manufactured with the latest technology and design. These should also expand on the features of previous equipment, improve the speaker and audio quality as well as include an innovative noise control technology.

The Sena 10S

The Sena 10S is the evolution of the SMH10 and is supposed to exhibit the best performance speaker from the Sena family. Along with the improved speaker quality, the 10S will possess an all-in-one clamp to connect to speakers, a microphone and earbud connector, enhanced intercom distance of up to 1.6km, built in FM-radio, and a slimmer jog dial design will be incorporated.The 10S uses the 4.1 Bluetooth, so it's compatible with Sena’s wristband and handlebar remotes.

Sena's New, Innovative Bluetooth: The 10S

The 10S Bluetooth will retail for $239.

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Sena's New, Innovative Bluetooth: The 10S
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