Superheroes and Supervillains assemble!

There's a kid in all of us. Some keep it in timeout to keep all their adulting in check, while others feed it candy and chocolate and let it loose every so often. When it comes to classic movies, video games, and comics, it's hard not to want to let our inner kid out, not even the ones in timeout. Some gear manufacturers have yours and your kid-self's back with a collection of nerd-tastic helmets that will keep your head safe while showing the world your nerdy allegiance. Here are five super duper geek lover helmets and good news everyone: they're all DOT-rated. The really important question now is: are you DC or Marvel?

HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader

Luke, I am your helmet.

Join us on the Dark Side, we have cookies and really cool helmets. This is HJC's latest addition to its Star Wars-inspired collection of lids. The shell itself under the Vader graphics is brand-new: the RPHA 90 is HJC new high-end modular helmet, something Anakin would be proud to wear. You don't believe me? I find your lack of faith disturbing. If you're more of a modern-type bad guy (or one with feelings), you should check out the Kylo Ren RPHA 11 Pro and together, you can rule the galaxy.

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HJC CS-R3 Spiderman Homecoming

This might have saved Uncle Ben. Too soon?

Poor Peter Parker. Attempts at depicting the nerdy teenager-turned superhero on the big screen have been mediocre, to say the least. Thankfully, Spiderman remains one of the best-known and loved comic-book heroes. There is hope that the third time will be the charm. In the meantime, you too can work on your spider-like reflexes with HJC's Spiderman-inspired lid. Not safe for base jumping.

NECA Halo Master Chief

Master Chief, reporting for duty.

Is your Xbox as precious to you as your dog? Do you fight aliens in your sleep? Do you like looking badass? If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, we have the helmet for you! NECA, or National Entertainment Collectibles Association, is a company based out of New Jersey that specializes in all things movie and video games related. Take command of your next ride with the Halo Master Chief helmet. You heard the lady! Move like you've got a purpose.

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SY15 Pro Predator

On the hunt for open roads.


Here's another way to hunt aliens. Or humans. This time, you also get to be extraterrestrial with this Predator helmet. The shop that builds this customized lid uses a DOT-rated helmet as a base and adds carbon fiber elements to give it its... predatory look. The helmet even comes complete with red tri-laser LED pointer to keep your target in sight, whether it's a stop sign or the road ahead. The only downside to this creation is that it renders the vents useless, so be ready for Predator sweat.

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Helmet Dawg HD100 Batman

He isn't the hero we deserve; he is the hero we need.

The night is dark and the Batman lurks, but not without some proper safety gear. If like the caped-crusader you enjoy solitude and fighting off bad guys, this Bat-helmet is the perfect piece of equipment. Fitted with a pair of flexible polymer ears, the HD100 is based on a Gmax GM48S Platinum full-face helmet with adjustable vents and removable padding. Justice will be served and all the jokers out there don't stand a chance.


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