For safety sake—or just to save a good-hair day—the Vozz RS1.0 helmet has a quirky back flap for easy access and removal of the gear.

For safety sake—or just to save a good-hair day—the RS1.0 has a quirky back flap

Are you tired of messing up your hair as you slip on your full-face riding crown? Or getting your earrings caught on the rim (true story)? Or maybe you are just looking for a new party trick? If so, there's an Australian helmet company that has come up with a new design concept for a helmet—a helmet with a trunk.

For those who favor a full-face model of lid, there's a bit of a technique to put it on that involves your face getting momentarily squished like a gummy bear. All hair jokes aside, as safe as you feel with your noggin' all snug, a full-face can also be a safety hazard. If god forbid, something bad happens, it gets tricky for the EMTs to remove your lid without possibly doing more damage. Some manufacturers have come up with release straps on the padding that makes the helmet easier to remove in emergency situations. There there are always other options to consider than a full face, but half- and open-face helmets simply are not the same.

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That's the conundrum Australian-based Vozz Helmets has decided to solve. Its answer: the RS1.0 helmet with a lid at the back. Think of a hatchback helmet: a flap located at the back of the head lifts up for easy access and removal of the helmet.

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The design in itself is different from a standard full face with the bottom edge rolled towards the inside and improved aerodynamics to reduce drag. The shell is made out of fiberglass and Kevlar. The rear latch system allows the wearer to remove the RS1.0 with only one hand or even with gloves on. In case of a crash, the latch system allows emergency services to remove the lid easily without having to pull and twist, which might end up causing further injuries.

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Don't worry about your Vozz helmet allowing water to seep in, the seam shuts tightly thanks to a helix interlocking male and female joint system doubled with a neoprene gasket. Four vents located on the chin and on the top of the head ensure proper ventilation. Owners of the helmet have already testified that the helmet has been very quiet and also very safe. It is, after all, DOT and ECE certified. Pricing for the Vozz RS1.0 is set at $699.95. You can now save your hair and if need be, save your head.

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