If you are Husqvarna fan and are looking to wear their colors loud and proud, they have just what you need

Shortly after completely overhauling its two and four-stroke motocross lineup, Husqvarna is now making sure that you have the gear to match. The Swedish brand is tapping into apparel with its Functional Apparel collection—no assembly required.

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To make this new line of off-road gear, Husqvarna teamed up with actual motocross racers to come up with the optimal riding gear for all off-roaders out there.

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For instance, the Moto-9 Flex Railed helmet sporting the Husqvarna logo and colors was developed by trusted helmet brand BELL. The shell is molded out of composite carbon which keeps it lightweight and is equipped with the exclusive Magnefusion Emergency Release System (M.E.R.S.). The front of the helmet features numerous openings to keep a cool head when the heat rises on the track. The collection also includes a second model of helmet, the Moto-9 Gotland, with the same convenient features at the Flex Railed in a different color scheme.

The Flex Railed collection targets motocross riders, whereas the Gotland collection focuses on general off-roaders. Both collections feature a range of jerseys and pants manufactured with performance in mind. Breathability, freedom of movement, and comfort are the main ideas behind the two ranges of apparel.

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It's not just lids and shirts though, the new line includes footwear as well. The Husqvarna Crossfire 3 SRS boots are made by Italian manufacturer Sidi. The interior bootie can be replaced and the four clips allow for the exterior shell of the boot to be perfectly adjusted to the rider’s needs. You can team up your Husqvarna riding boots with a pair of Merino windproof and waterproof socks that will keep you warm and dry, whatever the riding conditions are.

The Functional Apparel collection also features a rutted vest for when the going gets cold. The collection will be available over the summer and can be purchased from any Husqvarna authorized dealer.

Source: Motorcycle.com

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