It has been quite a while since we originally talked about the Gear Brake module. In that time, BMW has released a version for their bikes that will debut sometime next year. Harley-Davidson sells them in their showrooms and almost every Goldwing on the road has a flashing tail light.

Living and commuting in Maryland is a constant battle of distracted drivers, people out to kill you, and drivers who will settle for rear-ending you—or at least for a better look at your butt.

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When I initially installed the Gear Brake module, I tried the alternate mounting method of laying it flat. I looked like a space ship communication beacon signaling my home planet. It actuated when I sneezed too hard, and it may actually work better on a motorcycle with an area that's flat. However, once mounted in the recommended location, it's a very smooth operation.

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Watch the video and it shows when and what caused the light to actuate. No bumps or any glitches, it only worked when I decelerated or hit the brake lever.

The biggest factor in all of this is the added layer of safety this module has given me. Cars stay multiple car lengths back, they pay attention when I slow down, and they stay back when stopped at a light.

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For something that only costs $69.95 and makes such a difference safety-wise—it gives me back the buffer zone around my motorcycle. This is truly a great addition.

Testing the Flashing Brake Light, The Gear Brake Module
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