Similar to a Alpinestars Oscar Collection is the Dainese Heritage Collection, although I believe the Dainese Heritage collection came first (this time around at least, as Alpinestars used to carry the Oscar collection many years ago).

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I dig some of the items in their collection, and the jackets and shirts have their own unique flare. Although both companies have very similar boots.

I like the collection, as I personally am less of a power-ranger and more of a member of the Village People. But I have to laugh hard in the intro of the video above. When was the last time you were in a bike shop or garage that was burning incense?

To show off more of the uniqueness from Dainese, we chose the following:

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Style Guide: Dainese

We picked the 36060 Powel Jacket, because frankly there’s nothing else like it on the market. A cowboy-‘80s look, but with legit protection and fit: adjustable waist, knit cuffs, reflective inserts along with Pro-Shape soft protectors certified to Standard EN 1621. While there’s no back protector, it still features shoulder and elbow pads. With materials like “Antique Elite British Millerain fabric, this jacket also features drum dyed cowhide shoulder inserts,” how can you want anything else? Dainese 36060 collection also features long cut fashionable raincoat jackets like the Harrison and Chaplin.

Price: $549.95

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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Style Guide: Dainese

Dainese McKellen Pants

I love any pants that aren’t heavy rain pants or overpriced jeans. The Dainese McKellen Pants are going to be hard for the passerby to spot that they’re actually riding pants with internal Dupont™ Kevlar® reinforcements at the knees and coccyx. They’re made from “superb garment dyed cotton.” We’d sport the blue options to match the jacket a little better. They’re also offered in Brown (but they look more Grey) and Sand (but like a clean sand, not a Myrtle Beach Sand).

Price: $199.95

Brown Blackjack Gloves

To tie off the outfit we picked a pair of gloves outside of the Heritage Collection, because those are more for the look and not enough protection. Although the Spencer gloves have plenty of protection, they’re pretty heavy and designed for cold weather.

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Style Guide: Dainese

The Brown Blackjack Gloves feature knuckle reinforcement and padding in the palms. They’re warm-dry-weather gloves and only about $15 more than the Heritage collection Douglas Gloves.

Price: $79.95

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Style Guide: Dainese

Street Rocker D-WP

For your feet we picked the STREET ROCKER D-WP which are high-top sneakers with some ankle protection (yes, not as much as racing boots, but there’s something there) along with a breathable and waterproof membrane.

Price: $209.95

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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Style Guide: Dainese

Street Rider Leather Jacket

If the above outfit is too hipster for you, a straight-up leather riding jacket from Dainese is fashionable enough for basically any riding or riding style. STREET RIDER LEATHER JACKET Dark Brown. It’s pricey, but if you only buy one jacket it’s one to consider as it has the fit of a full-on track jacket, but the breathability and comfort of a street jacket. The dark brown features soft suede Roma cowhide.

Price: $679.95


Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Style Guide: Dainese
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