We're all proud motorcyclists right? The freedom and adventure that motorcycle riding affords can be matched by few other active endeavors.

We also love the aesthetics of riding gear, which ranges from full-bodied leather suits to vintage-styled moto jackets. Just about everything out there makes you look serious with just the right amount of attitude. At times though, you want your gear to be a bit more on the covert side, so you can go from saddle to business meeting without skipping a beat.

Lucky for us, there are some great non-motorcycle styles out there that toe the line between protective moto gear and great urban looks that wouldn't be out of place in the office or on the boulevard. We've selected a handful of gear that will make you feel at home both on and off two wheels.

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6 Fresh Moto Jackets without the Moto Look

Roland Sands Design Hesher II Jacket

Roland Sands is one of our favorite designers and apparel retailers because they strive to always keep things both stylish and functional. The Hesher II is one of those casual riding jackets that will have you fitting in at the farmers market while riding your cruiser through the fallen autumnal foliage.

Made with thick, protective, heavy duck cotton canvas that's also water repellent, the Hesher II is country and workman stealthy without looking like a dedicated riding jacket. It comes with pre-curved sleeves for riding comfort, a dropped back for coverage, and shoulder/elbow protector armor.

Roland Sands Design Hesher II Jacket retails for $225

6 Fresh Moto Jackets without the Moto Look

Dainese Chaplin Jacket

Not all moto jackets are leather, snaps and zippers. Dainese delivers a delicious textile jacket made with Antique Elite British Millerain fabric that will have you feeling nostalgic for a time when you probably weren't born yet.

The waxed fabric will develop its own wear and patina, giving it a more rugged (yet, still quite cultured) look over the years. The double-breasted buttons and cuff straps give it high notches on the style ladder, while Pro-Shape protectors at the elbows and shoulders make it more than just good looking. It also has pockets for a back protector.

The Chaplin also comes with hidden reflectors for deployment (only when needed) as well as more wax to bring it back to its original water-repellancy.

Dainese Chaplin Jacket retails for $599.95

6 Fresh Moto Jackets without the Moto Look

REV'IT! Jacket Piazza 2

This is the sophisticated one of the group. The Piazza 2 gives you more of a stealthy man of mystery aesthetic than a motorcycle rider one.

Made with thick polywool twill and coupled with a detachable liner, it's both warm and business appropriate. The fabric is topped with a hydratex membrane that keeps water off in spades, and the self belt keeps ties for warmth and provide a more svelte silhouette.The Piazza 2 also has CE-protection at crucial points of impact, adjustment tabs for riding comfort, knitted cuffs and collar, a wind catcher at the waist, and comfort panels for ideal riding position.

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But once you're off the bike, just about no one will know you just tore up the streets on two wheels. They'll be thinking you're off to spy school.

REV'IT! Jacket Piazza 2 retails for $399.99

6 Fresh Moto Jackets without the Moto Look

Spidi Scout H2Out Jacket

Spidi takes hooded subtlety to all new levels with this under-the-radar Scout H2Out.

It might look soft and cushy, but it packs CE spec armor in the shoulders and elbows along with the ability to take on a back protector panel. It'll also keep you dry since the 100% waterproof fabric lets it all roll off your back (and head) with built-in damn channeling that keeps water away even if it penetrates the front zipper. What's more, once you're parked and ready to take on non-wheeled tasks, the casual hoodie look makes it you look just that: casual.

Spidi Scout H2Out Jacket retails for $249.95

6 Fresh Moto Jackets without the Moto Look

AGV Sport Shadow Kevlar Jacket

Just about nothing is as casual and unassuming as the ubiquitous jean jacket. Back in style (did it ever really leave?), a good jean jacket can go with just a t-shirt or right over a shirt and tie for huge versatility points. AGV Sport goes one step further and lines theirs with Kevlar on the back and arms of its 13.5 oz cotton denim. But it doesn't just rely on the Kevlar since the Shadow also gets pockets for back, shoulder, and elbow protectors for real world riding.

No one will blame you if you also use it to bale hay or visit the local rodeo. Yee haw!

AGV Sport Shadow Kevlar Jacket retails for $98.99

6 Fresh Moto Jackets without the Moto Look

Icon One Thousand Stavanger

Named for Icon One Thousands original home base of Stavanger, Norway, this deliciously dark hoodie is as urbanely casual cool as it gets. The water-resistant heathered softshell fabric provides visual and tactile texture as well as moisture repellancy, while the big buttons and pockets provide gloved functionality. And they even make it easy to deploy with the smart hidden side-entry zipper. The mesh lining helps with perspiration, but you shouldn't worry about that since guys who wear this laid back piece don't worry about anything.

Icon One Thousand Stavanger retails for $135

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6 Fresh Moto Jackets without the Moto Look
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