Cowboy or space man, what's the proper look when riding your motorcycle? Most of us don't want to be wearing the biker costume when heading to work, a first date, a restaurant with your buddies or maybe just visiting the family. It's a pain in the ass to carry an extra set of clothes and your year-old high-vis suit doesn't exactly drive the women crazy, so what do you do? There's a way you can keep with your AGATT while still looking fresh.

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We've assembled a few lists, starting with footwear, that feature our favorite pieces of protective gear, minus the loud gear-look. Here are a few of our favorite boots/shoes that will protect you on your bike, but can be worn almost anywhere.

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2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes
TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes

A great riding sneaker is always a welcomed member of the moto footwear collection.

" target="_blank">TCX's X-Streets aren't only riding appropriate—providing a waterproof liner as well as a reinforced heel and toe—but they also have prime urban style constructed with full-grain black leather and a street-smart sole.

The vintage hued sole and dark laces to match the leather uppers lend a more fashionable look than other moto sneakers. Even though they're built for comfort (as well as style), we'd advise that you don't take these out on the b-ball court.

TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes retail for $149.99

2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes
REV'IT! Mohawk Boots

You don't always want knee-highs on your ride. For such occasions that call for a lower profile with higher urban style, REV'IT's Mohawk Boots are an ideal choice.

Looking like fashionable work boots with attitude, the Mohawks are made with full grain cowhide leather, a high-traction rubber sole, and a polyester mesh lining. The boots are 100 percent waterproof, so you're just as good on a wet ride as you are puddle jumping in the streets.

The heel and toe are reinforced, and are also thermoformed for protection. These are boots that easily pull double duty from bike mode to foot mode, and with time and use, they'll have that vintage look that's all the rage.

REV'IT! Mohawk Boots retail for $289.99

2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes
Speed and Strength Black 9 Moto Shoes

An urban steal if we ever saw one, you get a great pair of ankle high motorcycle shoes for under a hundred bucks. Not only will they not break the bank, they look pricier than they actually are.

Hop on and off the bike with ease in these casual riding shoes that are made with full leather uppers, molded toes and reinforced ankles. The ultra-cool under cover lacing system means you don't need to snake the laces through the exterior holes and they stay protected on the bike. The anti-slip rubber outsole keeps you shifting and braking with ease, while they stay just as at home on the pavement when you need to use your legs.

Speed and Strength Black 9 Moto Shoes retail for $89.99

2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes
Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots

These boots might not be the handsomest on the street, but they're still pretty badass and would work just as well with a pair of jeans as they would with dedicated riding pants. Part military, part urban combat, the fat lug sole works well in the saddle and through the less favorable sidewalks when things get pedestrian. The thick leather protects your feet, and there's even a shifter patch on the toe to minimize wear. There's even a nifty ratchet strap with a locking buckle to keep them from sliding off your dogs.

Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots retail for $89.99

ICON One Thousand Truant Boots

Decadence, thy name is ICON. They know how to do things right when it comes to a truly stylish urban moto boot. The perforated full leather upper looks both sporty and industrial, especially with the functional reinforcements and the ankle strap with vintage style metal hardware. Underneath all of this is an axialmetric steel shank for strength and protection that doesn't sacrifice comfort. The internal ankle plate adds another layer of moto safety, while the anti-slip sole keeps you vertical.

2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes

We got to try out a pair at Sturgis last year and been thrashing on them ever since. After almost a year of wearing them pretty much every day (riding or not), they're still tight and strong as ever. The Icon 1000 Truant Boots retails for $200

2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes
Alpinestars San Diego and Anaheim

New for last year, A-stars introduced two California themed sneakers, the San Diego and the Anaheim. We've had a change to try out the San Diego and we were impressed with the material, which we assumed would leave marks from the gear shifter. We've been unable to put a single scuff or mark in the shoe yet.

Both sneakers feature reinforced toes, heels and ankle pads. The Anaheim is the vented version, selling for a few bucks more. The sneakers retail for $169.95 Anaheim and San Diego $149.95.

2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes

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2015 Stylish Motorcycle Gear: Boots/Shoes
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